About Us

We offer Ad Personam services delivered with elegance and discretion to discerning high-net-worth, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, royalty and corporations around the world. Membership is free.

With an in-depth knowledge of high-end service and craftsmanship backed by more than twenty years of international experience acquired working amongst the very best professionals and in leading luxury hospitality establishments, our CEO & Founder Gonzalo Emmanuel Zelaya delivers highly personal experiences with the utmost professionalism.

We will commit our experience and unique skills to your desires; those desires will govern the final result so that you are able to enjoy your time as you wish and deserve. We will be your perfect companion and secret weapon to unlock a world of exclusive experiences wherever you visit.

Unlike other concierge companies, we aren’t just out to spend your money. We will always try and get you the best price for the product or service required.